What About Today

Something about today is so special and annoying, as if every little thing is just a prank on my tolerance. As if all the comments are meant to be spam, as if all the liquids were recycled to be spilled as if every minute wasted not spent. And I am pulling myself together with laughter and tenderness for someone’s good sense of humour and this is all that’s left for me to do. I can only enjoy my life through temporary struggle, but I don’t want to do a thing ( there’s high probability of it to end with disappointment).

The irony of my life is simple and thought-provoking, as in me choosing a class that turns out to be wrong but the only one I ever liked. It just sets the life straight on my plate, but my stomach still feels uncomfortable. It ruins the perfect uplifted me from the morning to a guzzling coffee maniac with a pretty smile.

I don’t like my teacher and it feels like It won’t change. Oh, well.

Sometimes I forget to share the good things. The dawn of which I have made a thousand continuous mental shots, thinking that all i need is to get out of the car and be there with my camera ( honestly this is what I want to be); the look is accompanied by the texture of velvet greenery and the aroma of the late summer romance. Life is full of the brightest colors before the exam.

I am glad I am here, convicted to post my ridiculousness and silliness to be never forgotten. This is where I matter, I am a matter.

Cogito ergo sum.



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