It is a feeling

There is this something, that doesn’t let you go. That taste of a fresh orange all over you, that spring breeze shaking up your hair, that strange melody from the bottom of the forgotten lands.
Today we woke up by it. In awe, we try to utter a word, but it is needless. Instead the day starts on a surprise. We, together, step a foot in a new world, that have been skillfully forgotten. We gaze upon the sun and think our little ridiculous things. Together the day is warmer. But with the dark comes the time, there comes the shadows of the harmonious routine and the dream is gone.
I carry your sweetness, darling, through the coldness of the winter. With shaky hands I put you up in front the horizon and blow away imaginary kisses. If it is a year or more until I see you, very well. If it is tomorrow you will visit, I will be here. Just don’t forget the moments we shared together.
And all of you who walk into the dark, brushing off the lights of the streets and catching tears with your lips. Be brave, dreamers! The magic is coming, it is on its way to bond our glue-less hearts, even if it is just for a day.


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