About Grieving

The truth about me right now is that I write only when I am sad, or sappy a little. I am not sure if this is my inner mood, or my life is just f*cked up like that. As always in the dark of the night I am sad about the fact how I had/have […]

Each Time Like These

On days like these I don’t need anything, nothing at all. Out of my head, away from my body, I am sending any energy away. My spirit is gracefully collapsing in the palace of my quiet peaceful mind that doesn’t exist. My  body comes back to the wind, dancing with the street lights and the […]

A Letter to the Universe

I know I am looking for the wrong things, I am waiting for the unknown, I can’t satisfy the desire so here throw a stone at me. I can’t help but be tired, emotionally incapable of processing another disaster. As always it comes with friends: fear, uncertainty and sorrow, playing along on my nerves. I […]

What About Today

Something about today is so special and annoying, as if every little thing is just a prank on my tolerance. As if all the comments are meant to be spam, as if all the liquids were recycled to be spilled as if every minute wasted not spent. And I am pulling myself together with laughter […]